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Notar (No Tail Rotor vs Zummo Pressure Jet Technology

The difference between NOTAR technology and the pressure jet technology lies in the basic difference of the conventional helicopter and pressure jet technology itself. While both configurations have direction heading control, the difference between the two is very important.

In a conventional helicopter the main rotor is driven by an engine through a main transmission into the main rotor. The driving of the main rotor causes a rotational torque on the fuselage of the helicopter to maintain helicopter directional control, anti torque must be provided. This must be done with an anti torque device which is a tail rotor. The NOTAR offers a variation from the normal means of providingreqvired anti torque. The fan blows high pressure air down a slotted tail boom. The slot along the length of the tail boom releases high pressure air, causing a pressure differential, and creates a lifting surface out of the tail boom itself. This provides some anti torque. However, most of the directional anti torque control in NOTAR is provided by the thrust nozzle at the end of the tail boom. The pilot controls the directional nozzle points by pushing on the left or right anti torque pedals.

In a Zummo pressure jet helicopter, the main rotor is driven by pumping high pressure air through the swash plate and through the hollow blades and out the blade ends. This causes the main rotor rotation, but does not create torque on the helicopter fuselage. Thus anti torque as required in conventional helicopters with use of an anti torque component, is not required on a Zummo pressure jet helicopter. However, to provide directional control in hover, or forward flight, the turbine exhaust passes over the rudder of the Zummo pressure jet helicopter, and is controlled by the pilots foot pedals. Thus the Zummo pressure jet helicopter is able to maintain directional control, but without a tall rotor, its that simple.

Schematic of conventional helicopter

Hover over the plus signs below to reveal the technology that is used in conventional helicopters.

Schematic of Zummo pressure jet helicopter

Hover over the plus signs below to reveal the technology that is used in this ingenious design. The Zummo technology removes the need for all the equipment shown in orange in the schematic above of a conventional driven gas-turbine helicopter.

Our Patents


Patent Granted

Improves fuel efficiency and range by up to 35% versus the Zummo Flight Technologies current 2 seat demonstrator and by 10% compared to conventional helicopters. Since the Zummo Flight Technologies heli is an air pressure jet and much lighter than conventional helicopters (no central gear box transmission system and no tail rotor), it can easily afford the recuperator. The company expects that the recuperator will have universal application across pressure jet technologies.

Turning Vanes

Patent Pending

To reduce high pressure drop that comes from high speed blade rotation, Zummo Flight Technologies has designed specialised turning vanes which provide for a lower loss of pressure for a full 90 degree turn. The detailed shape and angles result in minimal loss of pressure which increases safety and energetic efficiency.


Patent Pending

Supersonic nozzle combined with specially designed turning vanes results in saved air pressure up to 20%. Our supersonic nozzle design provides a higher thrust than sonic nozzles. Overall system efficiency increases when our nozzles and vanes do the work that needs to be performed to reduce severe pressure loss.

Rotor Cone

Patent Pending

Zummo Flight Technologies designed rotor cone technology to further reduce air pressure loss from an estimated 35% to only 5% by taking air from the turbine and directing it into the blades for increased efficiency. Our proprietary design can be applied to most helicopter blades and increases safety for the pilot in flight.

Circulation Control Blades

Patent Pending

To further increase payload, speed, range and safety Zummo Flight Technologies have designed advanced circulation control blades. Our blades are partitioned and designed with a series of holes and spacings to optimize air flow through the hollow blade system. With this design we are able to direct up to 85% of the air needed for lift through our proprietary vanes and nozzles allowing air to flow out from the blade tips. The end result: significantly more lift force even in flight.